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OSCAR TALMANTES is licensed by the California State Acupuncture Board. He graduated in 2007 from Emperor’s College with a Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Oscar managed a successful acupuncture practice at Oasis Healing Center in Los Angeles for over 15 years before moving to Portland Oregon to supervise and teach at the National University of Natural Medicine Herbal Medicinary. Oscar is also a strong advocate of movement therapy and has over 20 years of experience practicing martial arts. Oscar shares his joy and enthusiasm of Chinese medicine with all of his patients, teaching practical skills to help with everyday living.  His healing talents and abilities are highly-developed and focus on healing stress, orthopedic pain and digestive dysfunction.

SITA WHITE is committed to living a fun, creative, dynamic life of well-being. Her experience as a literary agent, massage therapist, personal trainer, health book editor and freelance health writer have all helped hone her healing talents and abilities. Her years spent living in India, New York and Los Angeles exposed her to powerful teachers and global perspectives on health and healing. In 2016 she completed her graduate studies at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, earning her Master of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sita has a passion for empowering her patients with tools to live a healthy, vibrant life and loves facilitating their healing journeys! Her clinic hours focus on women's health, orthopedic pain, TMJ/Sinusitis, fertility and stress relief.

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